Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where to restart?

I guess I start by saying life has gotten better. 

We have been very involved in our art community and surrounded ourselves in the past 10 months with these new people. We feel a commonality and a sense of belonging. We've needed this for a while. People who get that people have ebbs and flows and have compassion.  More open minded free spirited individuals. 

On the sexual side of that, not forgetting that this is basically what this blog is about, we've been way more flirty and feeling our oats.
Its probably been more so in the last 2 months or so that we've put ourselves out there. Even with vanilla friends. I've felt more open to be open about what we do and what our lifestyle is. It's been a freeing experience. My thought is that if they don't like us because of that, then we don't really need to be friends. I find it interesting that how our life intrigues people and you can see that they themselves wished they had it in them. We've had a few confide that they would like to open up but they know their partner would freak if it was even brought up.

We've had people, mostly girls come on to us lately. Vanilla friends. It's kinda weird. One night after drinking a bunch of us piled in our car. Walk was designated driver and one of our newer single friends sat on my lap in the front seat.  As we were driving along to drop people off, she starts caressing my breast. It caught me off guard, but I liked it so I reciprocated. The next thing you know she started kissing me and we went at it. Walk couldn't believe his eyes and keep saying "oh good gawd" "oh good gawd" . It was hilarious. I'm not sure if the drunks in the back knew what was going on, but Walk was dropping them off as fast as he could. 
We ended dropping this girl off and as she got off my lap, Walk had gone around to our side to say goodbye and she started making out with him. Then turned to me and kissed me again a long kiss. She backed her cute little butt into Walk while she was leaned into me in the front seat. She took his hand and had him grab her from behind. Which lead to hands up her skirt in her panties while she continued kissing me.
In a little girl voice she would say, I can't do this my boyfriend doesn't know as she forcefully shoved her tongue down my throat and thrust into Walks fingers. She's kind of a cute geek in the best way and she tells me sweetly, she can do this if she shares me with her "wolf". Really?? her wolf? Anyways, He was out of town working. And there's not a chance of that! I kinda said ok, but didn't mean it and we went continued the awesome make out session for a while and she said she needed to go and said our goodbyes and went on our merry way.
Next days text after me asking if we are "ok"?
Her: sorry for being such a slutty drunk.
me: I loved it and its ok, are we good?
Her: I'm in a transitional point in my life and I'm trying to be a mellow monogamous adult.
but yeah we're good.

Things have been fine since. Just back to vanilla friends. She does let her kisses hello linger a little longer than your average person. Plus the twinkle in her eye tells me we are still on her radar. I don't want anything from her. That was just one totally unexpected fun night to remember.

I could go on with some more stuff that we've been up to, but I'll just save that for later or for Walk to share.

I hope you are all doing well. Sorry for our absence. Life happened.



  1. Welcome back, and thank you for that unexpected morning jolt of happiness in my shorts! What this world needs is more slutty drunk friends like your lady friend there. She'll come around.

  2. JF Break youre so very welcome.
    I don't care if she comes around really. We are still friends and I don't need any thing else from that. Its all good. I love impromptu craziness like that. What I really love is that people pick up on our vibe of being sexually progressive without us saying a word or initiating a thing. Its so interesting.
    I feel sometimes that we are here for the vanilla community more than the lifestyle or swinging community. Its kinda an odd twist that is becoming more previlant. I'm just going with it.
    I do know though that we really have to be careful messing around with vanillas because they are not on the same page.
    We've been there done that.

    Good to be back!
    I'm glad you had "happy shorts" this morning!


  3. Wonderful story to come back with Roll, I too got happy shorts reading it as i reckon others would too. Long live slutty progressive friends and welcome back.

  4. You guys are full of adventures lately! Good for you!


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