Saturday, October 19, 2013

The guest house

Good Morning or almost afternoon at this time of day. Roll and I are laying in bed just having finished pop tarts and a cup of coffee. We are laying here basking in the afterglow of a crazy roller coaster 3 days.

Where do we we begin ... OK recently we met a really cute girl at a city council meeting she was there supporting a friend who was speaking. Roll and I both immediately thought wow she's cute. We knew she was married so figured OK off limits. Roll and her have been texting off and on for the last few weeks and have gotten progressively flirtier. Fast forward Wednesday. 

Wednesday evening I had to work so Roll and her met at our local bar.  This girl was there talking about the city council friend, turns out she digs him and they have fooled around a little. They are both married he is definitely going through a divorce and she wants to, or at least at the time was wanting to. At the beginning of their conversation.  She mentioned to Roll that she wanted an open marriage. Roll looked at her and said it won't help your failing marriage. She told her we were open and explained our life to her. The evening continued with her initiating  kissing after a couple of drinks. ( insert 70s porn bass here ). The friend she liked shows up at the bar, sees Roll kissing her and just looks at them and says fuck. He at this point is trying to keep this girl at arms distance until after his divorce. She wants him bad. At the end of the evening this girl is wanting Roll to take her back to our house but they just part ways instead. 
The next day Roll is texting her and says you need to give him space. Our friend has asked Roll to tell her this and explain why. OK where are we, oh yea Thursday, the flirting continued. Fast forward Friday.  

We are making evening plans I tell Roll to text her and what she is doing. She does and the girls response, meet My husband and I at this dive bar. Awkward.... Roll has been hearing all this shit about him for 2 days and is thinking really? now we are going out with this guy.  We can not figure a way out and so here we go. The first five minutes we meet him She is telling us how they have almost booked a trip to Desire and how she has told him all about us. 2 dive bars later and my hand on her ass. He approaches her and says you really dig them don't you, she tells him yes. He tells her he thinks Roll is Beautiful and now it is on. 

We drop another friend off at her house and off we go back their house. They have a detached guest house in the back so we go there. We  are sitting around talking and  she unzips her dress he takes her bra off an Roll and her begin making out.  He and I go outside to give them some time and not feel like they are on stage. Both her and Roll are new to the bisexuality thing, or at least engaging in it. After about 2o minutes he and I go back in to find them engaged in a sort of awkward embrace. We ask is they would like some help.  I am now kissing on his wife and he is now kissing on Roll while Roll is fingering her pussy. The heavy petting continues and she just keeps repeating Christmas has come early This is exactly what she wants. After about 15 minutes She takes me by the hand and leads me to another bed we continue making out.  I have grabbed my condoms out of my pants pocket. Yes I was a boy scout I was prepared. Our petting continues and we can here Roll and her husband fooling around. can I just say hearing your wife is sexy as hell. I put on the condom and we begin fucking. I am  incredibly embarrassed to admit this but I did not last nearly long enough. The combination of sexy and heavy petting got the best of me. We continue to make out and I am doing my best to make her happy. 

From the other bed I hear him say "I gotta go" gets up and walks back to the main house. It turns out he got nervous and freaked out when he realized what was going on. Roll and him  never got to actually fuck.  He is not good at this point and and walks back in and tells his wife I will see you in the front house. We are now getting dressed she is asking us if she can stay at our house tonight if she needs to we tell her sure no problem. We leave and she texts us 15 minutes later saying everything is good he just didn't know how to handle it. Roll and I get home around 5 am as tired as we are we fuck like crazy and pass out. 

We have heard from them today and all seems well lets just hope it stays that way. As a matter of fact she was telling Roll this morning how they just sat up talking and how great it was to be able to communicate with him. Maybe we were a catalyst for the cxhange they needed. We hope we were the catalyst for change and not the catalyst for divorce. 

What a roller coaster  ride it has been. 

At this point we don't know if any more will come of this and that's perfectly fine with both of us. We just sit back and enjoy the moment for what it is. 


  1. That was quite a roller coaster! Perhaps you have provided them with the exact spark they needed to make things work. And, you even had a little fun at it.

  2. Wow you guys know how to have a good time. Great story Walk, i throughly enjoyed it as i'm sure you did, pity for Roll

  3. First of all, welcome back!! Glad to see you guys posting again. =)

    This sounds like quite a weekend. Is it wrong that I'm a little jealous? ;-)


  4. JF Break _we hope so.

    TWAT Gaz-I'm not worried about it. All in all it was good sexual tension.

    Chitown Girl- Its definitely been a while for us to decide to get back to sharing our shit. LOL
    Don't be jealous. You're too cute.

    As I sit here today Monday. I feel a bit scattered and trying to sit with some thoughts and wondering if my moral compass should have been shifted a bit more................Hmmmmmmm


  5. This post makes me :).

    Mr. No Name

  6. Weird, awkward but fantastic! lol

    I sure wish there were photo's with this post ;)


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