Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fun Real Storytelling

Last night we went to Bawdy Storytelling in LA on Sunset Blvd. against our better judgement on a work night. Walk has early morning wake ups. We felt this was probably going to be  "worth it".
It was.

We had heard it through one of the podcast we listen to and sex educator Reid Mahalko was talking about it. It immediately intrigued me and I looked it up, told Walk about it and he was interested. So we went not fully knowing what to expect but from what we saw on the website. It was in a old school Mexican restaurant with some definite history and nicely put together. 

This clip above wasn't from last night, but is a clip from YouTube I found. There's many more where that came from. Please click on it and take a look at what I'm talking about.

It's basically people telling a real 10minute sexual experience they've had. There were a couple famous people and the rest were just regular people getting on stage telling everything. It's just the open minded sexual community coming together to bare it all. The MC and I believe the gal that runs it? Is pretty good at keeping the crowd going with a good positive vibe and real storytelling about herself.

It's interesting after being in a vanilla world most of our time, to go to a place like this with like minded people. (open minded, that is) To sit at a table introduce yourself to the dude next to you, probably in his 70's with a newly amputated leg.( he had shared with us as he hobbled to sit down) We had asked where we he had heard about this and he said Fet Life.... matter of factly and shared that he was a Dom. You don't get that sitting at your everyday restaurant.  
Most of the crowd ages were probably early 30's to early 50's, with a wide sexual diversity. I love that!

They do these shows in San Francisco and LA and we will definitely go back.

~ Roll~


  1. Sounds like fun. Over here it would be part of a festival and a lot of people aren't willing to share as freely as you Americans.

  2. Sounds like a hoot! I bet the 70 year-old guy could tell a story or two!

  3. Sounds like it would be very entertaining and it is about my favorite subject.

    This made me think about the Real Sex series that used to be on HBO. I loved the real stories and how interesting it all was. I had hoped they would sell DVD's of those old episodes but sadly haven't ran across any.


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