Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - Bridge

We have now joined in with some fellow bloggers in a scavenger hunt. We found it via ,via .
There is a list of places to take some fun pictures on her site and we thought we'd give it a go.
So today we set out looking for bridges around our area and this is what we came up with.
I chose the tiny bridge at a local park and Walk chose to be Spiderman/find Waldo in a local neighborhood.


  1. Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt, to both of you! I've updated the page - and I look forward to seeing you at more exciting locations :)

    xx Dee

  2. Aye, welcome to the Scavenger Hunt, a most addicting disease! LOL Very nice start and hope to see more of you :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Curvaceous Dee- Thanks for the welcome. Very sweet.

    TWAT Gaz- We are having fun. It does a little thinking about how ,where and when we can shoot the pics. Especially because we do live in a pretty populated area.

    KazuGirl- Thanks, and we could see how this could become addicting. We are already talking about and even scouting out our upcoming shoot sites. :)


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